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The operating department became independent from DCS design research institute in 1965 and corporate status was given as design center Shizuka (previous name) Co., to start manufacturinglight apparatus and interior items. Since then, with a theme「create Japanese light」, it has beendeveloping and manufacturing light apparatus for 40 years. In 2005, new brand 【ABOVO】 waslaunched. With the skills of wood and painting work, which are local industries in Shizuoka, andexperienced in handling various materials, new style of light has been offered.  【ABOVO】 isJapanese original light apparatus created by the collaboration with designers in various areas withthe aim of making a leading design in the world. In particular, the quality of light is considered veryimportant. It believes that apparatus themselves can create daily space vividly, make people feel asense of ease and happiness to be held with light, and give people pleasure to own. Productsexclusively for export are available following specifications and law in intended countries. (110V,230V)
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DCS corp.
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